Saturday, 9 March 2013

6mm 1973 Egyptian Independant Armoured Brigade project. (More images 18th May 2013)

I thought I would put together a small opposing force for my Israeli's, its easier this way to get other folks interested in a period/scale at my club if you can put both sides of a conflict on the table; most folks at my club have two 'sides' of any given period.....more money than sense really - or stupidity!

The Brigade is based on the 25th Independent Armoured Brigade which was almost completely destroyed during Yom Kippur 1973.
I have references that show each tank battalion in the Brigade had a different camouflage scheme, so that is what I’ve done, it would have been much easier and quicker to do them all sand!

Painted in my usual method...a separate post on here somewhere detailing this method for any that are interested.
I'm using the Cold War Commander Rules at present, a very good (not too technical) fast flowing set. There are numerous reviews online so no point in repeating them here. The rules are supported by the author and a very active website/forum.
As HQ's need to be identified, I use the following method:
Battle group/Brigade HQ - 3x vehicles on the base
Battalion or Company HQ (depending on what level you are gaming at) 2x vehicles to a base.
AOP/FAC 1x vehicle (with couple of figures on occasion).
Individual platoons are represented by a single model on the base.
If the vehicles are small, for example a 4x4 Anti-tank platoon, I either use a couple of models or a model and a dismounted crew with the vehicle.
Infantry are represented with the amount of figures that you are happy putting on a base.
Infantry support weapons, SFGPMG, mortars, ATGW are based individually. Disposable AT, section MGs etc are assumed to be present in the mix on the bases.

The Brigade consists of:
3 x Battalions T-62
1 x Battalion Armoured Infantry (BTR 50)
1 x AT support company, BTR 50 + RCL & 4x3 with RCL
1 X Mortar support company, BTR 50 + mortars.
Recce elements, BRDM 2 & PT-76
AA Elements ZSU-23-4
Engineer platoon BTR 60 PA/PB
All models are from GHQ

Brigade HQ.

Elements of the 1st Tank Battalion - HQ

Elements of the 1st Tank Battalion

Elements of the 2nd Tank Battalion

Elements of the 3rd Tank Battalion

Infantry Battalion HQ

Elements of the Infantry Battalion

Anti-Tank Platoon (part of it anyway...)

Engineering Support

Armoured Engineer Support - 'Recce Mech's' 

ISU 152


Some air support elements, models are Raiden Miniatures...I think?

MIG 19 in a 1973 scheme, these were supplied to Egypt by Iraq, they arrived in their two tone grey scheme, the national emblems were changed and they wore this scheme during the conflict.

MIG 17 in a 1967 scheme, for the early games