Saturday, 9 March 2013

Attack State Red, Another Afghanistan Project - PinzGauer

I needed a supply vehicle, so I sourced a Kingfisher / CMSC Models Pinzgauer 4x4, a resin kit of many ‘warped’ parts....most of it was not needed for this version as the troops had stripped it down to the chassis....
This kit was not the best in terms of getting crew figures to fit, even the CMSC/Kingfisher multipart crews were a pain to fit; in their defence they are intended for their WMIK kits however.

Still this company make lots of nice models! (When you can get them).
The model needed a couple of rails added to the cargo bed, the cab required major work just to get the figures on the seats, if I had butchered the cab any more I would have had to rebuild the floor and bulkhead; the seats would have been too low for the figures to see over the dash. There are some photos around of these vehicles with the Royal Marines with improvised WMIK installations, however this is one of the Royal Anglians Recce Platoons‘mother’ supply vehicles and had no weapons fitted.
These fellas are just taking a break waiting for the Recce Platoon to show up!
The rear load is from the Black Dog resin M1126 Stryker set, -chopped slightly to fit.
Not much in the way of a detailed walk through with this one, for some reason I didn't take a lot of 'in progress' shots, only the finished vehicle.

As I mentioned above, the kit is a resin CMSC/Kingfisher models kit.
This one has had the front screen, doors and tailgate either removed or left of. Kingfisher use a good quality resin which cuts very easily.

What its supposed to look like....