Saturday, 9 March 2013

Read Me First - Attack State Red, Another Afghanistan Project - Introduction

After much pestering to put up a long term WIP of my Afghanistan stuff I have relented.........
There will be an element of ‘Time-lapse’ here as some stuff is long since done or well under way, there is still some bits an pieces to do which will be posted in 'real time' once the blog is underway.
The‘project’ is based on the book ‘Attack State Red’ by Colonel Richard Kemp, a former Commanding Officer of 1st Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, this book is an account of the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment deployment during 2007 in Helmand.

Presently I'm using the 'Force on Force' rule set, an excellent set of rules which captures skirmish level games very well, with one caveat - you need to play often to remember the rules. They are not a set to dip into now and again!
The rules are very well supported by an active forum, there seems to be no end to the supplements that are being produced by the author/publisher.

A new set of rules recently published (Jan 2013) as yet to be put to the test by me are 'Skirmish Sangin' by Radio Dishdash. These rules are set more along the lines of individual characters with differing abilities; with a strong narrative running throught the game. A gaming buddy - a 'rule-set whore' (you know who you are ;-) ) has had a play through, and has said they are very good....I got the impression we could be swapping from FoF in the near future. A further look at these rules once I've had a couple of games will follow. There is a free 'light' version on the website to try-before-you-buy.

The project as it stands when complete will consist of the following (and probably a few bits more as the whim takes me..............:
1 x Reinforced Infantry platoon. (Done)
1 x Support Platoon (Mortar, ATGW & SFMG) (Done)
Transport for the above infantry platoon – 4 x Mastiff (Done)
Recce Platoon – 4 x WMIK (DONE)
Recce Platoon ‘Mother ship’ – Pinz G. 4x4 (Done)
Engineer support – Mastiff with the SPARK equipment. (Done)
1 x Scimitar CVRT + IED install (there was going to be two, however it was a pain to scratch build the IED kit, so it may be joined by a Spartan. (Scimitar done, Spartan not done).
3-4 Viking (just for variation of vehicles). (Next to do!)
Some Combat Logistic Patrol Vehicles DAF/FODEN & Civilian lorries etc. (Done, at least the military ones are).
1 x Estonian Infantry section (8-10 figures) (Not done - figures might be an issue here)
1 x Estonian APC/Truck? (Pland are a foot, either convert a Fuchs and cover it with camouflage netting to hid the fact its not a Spavia, or use a current S and S models casting...don't know yet).
Afghan ‘civies’ (Done)
Air Support– Helicopter – probably Lynx, a my gaming pal already has the Chinook so no need to duplicate one. (No where near getting done)
1 x Aircraft, not British (as above a pal has a Harrier) as much of the time the‘Widow’ Call signs in the book got aircraft from other ISAF members in support. (As above)
Associated scenery, buildings/Compounds, Patrol Base, rusting Afghan wrecks etc.............(On going)

Whatever else takes my fancy along the way.......

99% of the crew figures in this project are painted by the talented Mr D. can find him on his own blog.
All of the squaddies yet to be photographed were also done by him, the support weapons were scratch built by me....more on these later.