Saturday, 9 March 2013

Attack State Red, Another Afghanistan Project - DROP's

Hello again gents/?ladies,
A further small update.....this time DAF/FODEN DROP’s for some compound scenery or Combat Logistical Support scenario's. Unfortunately these photos were taken with an old ‘holiday’ camera as my other half was in Kenya (cycling for charity) with the better one!
Whilst I was looking for images of these vehicles in Afghanistan, the one theme that seemed to prevail is the dust and rather 'used' look of the vehicles. I spoke with my son who was out there in 2008 and he said they were 'passed their best' and filthy most of the time, the dust built-up in every nook and cranny.
So the idea was to produce a couple of well used DAF/FODEN trucks. I have not located any images of FODEN/DAF with Bar armour during 2007, so I left it off.
I may do a MAN truck at some point so I can add some Bar armour to it...maybe. 
These couple of trucks are my logistical support/scenery. They are both Britannia (now Grubby Tanks) castings with a couple of embellishments – not many though. The solid grab rails on the cab roofs were removed and replaced with wire, steps were added to the cab below the doors from wire. The lights have been drilled out and replaced with lenses; a couple of bits of sprue were added to the hydraulic hook arrangement to simulate the hydraulic rams that are not present on the model; I was going to remove the cast item and rebuild it all, however not a great deal can be seen with the loads in place - so I didn't bother. The wing mirrors are from the Kingfisher Miniatures range.
There is still a fair bit to do to get these finished – I'm not 100% happy with the weathering, more tweaking required at some point.

I have magnetised the load beds and the loads with earth magnets in order to have interchangeable loads. The containers are from a model railway company, if I remember correctly they are Hornby/Triang, they come decaled, all I did was weather them up.
Crew figures, one is a Kingfisher Miniatures, the other is Britainnia– severely cut down as I think the Britannia ones are a little over scale for the cabs.
One cab has a GPMG on a very basic mount, the other no GPMG only his personal weapon.
First up, I thought I would have a go at producing the following vehicle.
So first up...a water tank and carrier.
A visit to my local Model Railway shop, I was going to purchase some rolling stock with the cylindrical tanks on the boggies. After a chat with the owner he said he had a box full of broken trains/rolling stock that I could look through if I wanted. Looking through the box there were lots of knackered trains and at least a dozen with tanks on them. So, one carriage and transporter later - (for free!) Off home I went. Basically the cylinder was removed from the existing cage. The base of the frame had all the mounts for the boggies removed and levelled, extra bracing/diagonals were added along with the sheet tray on the top. All done by eye, no measuring of angles involved. Its not even a close match to the photo, however without starting from scratch on the frame work,.. its close enough. I built it up in such a way I could remove the cylinder for painting.
Cylinder work, the original colour was silver, decals from the box, 'Water' made up from individual letters.
The frame work after early painting, chipping work.

Cylinder and frame work in the early process of weathering. This looks quite harsh and overdone, however most of this will be removed later on in the process.
I don't seem to have any other photos of the painting work so on with the DAF/FODEN.  Base colours on, Tamiya Nato Black and Nato Green - I think?

Decals on, all two of them! and started with the lights.

 A little chipping and weathering, looks harsh when enlarged.

Starting the 'dust' weathering. 

An early test fit for the containers.
Shiny containers...

Dirty containers... as I mentioned the containers are from a model railroad company, either Hornby or Triang, there are others on the market. Weathered up with some sand paper to age the decals that were already on the models, then a couple of washes, some rust streaks and some weathering pigments. There is a third blue container mounted on a base as a piece of static scenery, I will post photos once I get onto the scenery part of this build.

Some finished photos..(a couple of aerials to add and a dusting to the windows methinks!).

Some logistical support for the Afghans....(not painted as yet!)