Saturday, 9 March 2013

Attack State Red, Another Afghanistan Project - Mastiff

First up........the Mastiffs
These are the Britannia Models, with a few ‘embellishments’, the aim was to produce a ‘good likeness’ of a Mastiff – not a 100% accurate display model. There is only so much you can do with a solid resin model; and as I needed four, it had to be quick (ish).

The cupolas were removed, repair work to the roof was then required due to the means of removal, small amount of modelling putty and a touch of thick gel ‘super glue’ followed by some rubbing down in places was all that was needed.

The addition of some bits and pieces followed to simulate some of the additional kit on the vehicles not present on the original models, this was fabricated from plastic strip and a craft bead to simulate the large dome light.

The lights were drilled out to allow the insertion of a lens. Camouflage/Sun Shade supports added to the Cupolas. Antenna bases added, Wing Mirrors added.
Cupola removed.

Removed Cupola and fabricating of the sunshade/camouflage supports, didn’t need to be too tidy as this would be hidden by the cam netting.

First attempt at Cam netting, to dense, Mark II version much better – see Scimitar build later....

Almost ready for paint....

 I thought I had some in progress shots of the painting, sadly not, only the finished product....oh well. Photos are not great quality as they were taken a while ago on a ‘holiday’ camera.

Bar armour was added once the painting was completed, again it’s a representation of Bar armour. This is 1/72 scale photo etched brass that was custom produced by a friend. If you search for ‘Dougies wargaming Blog’ you might be able to get hold of some if he has any remaining.

Finished vehicles passing through a small village, on a pals board...

Next up, the Mastiff with the SPARK (Self Protection Adaptive Roller Kit) kit installed.