Saturday, 9 March 2013

Attack State Red, another Afghanistan project - Scimitar


Originally there was going to be two of these, however as it took a while to build up the ECM kit (and I got sidetracked with another project) I’ve decided to pair it up with a Spartan/Sultan (yet to be started) which should be a quicker build; which will also have the full Bar Armour/ECM suite and if I go for the Spartan, a new turret added.
This kit is the ACE Scimitar kit and it’s not too bad as ACE kits go, Ace make both the Scorpion and the Scimitar, I’m away from the stash at the moment so can’t recall what the differences in the kits are; I have a stash of these kits for a forth coming Falklands project so I got to pick the best moulded components from several kits to put this one together.....looks like the Falklands ones will need some TLC............
The additions are –
The kits photo etched tracks (very nice they are) were dumped as they are too much hassle to get them to fit around the running gear – these will get used on some scenery ‘wrecks’; I replaced the tracks with some from the spares box that hindsight they will probably be getting removed and replaced with the photo etched sets.
Stowage box canvas cover on the hull rear was replaced with foil as the kit part lacks any surface detail.
Exhaust replaced with tubing – still a little thick and may redo ..hmm
Replaced the kit fuel container on the hull side with a more detailed CSMC/Kingfisher Models example and added the retaining pet hate is ‘magnetic’ stowage on vehicles, make it look like it is hanging on or attached by something to something, we’ve all done it; sticking stowage to the sides of vehicles without any means of support is plain wrong :-(
Replaced the kit barrel with a CSMC/Kingfisher example. These are sold in packs (of 6 I think) containing both the Scorpion and Scimitar barrels – far better than the kit example.
Scratched up the large rear turret ECM box, mounts, and the antenna platform, added the forward ECM boxes and supports.
Changed the front stowage arrangement across the front of the hull to reflect the later Scimitar versions, drilled out the lights to accept a lens.
Wire cutters, turret hatch grab handles and wing mirrors added.
Crew are a mix of Kingfisher and possibly Britannia (Grubby Tanks).
The Bar armour is cut from parts of a Voyager photo etch set for the Stryker, I'd done this prior to a pal commissioning a PE ste of Bar armour sheets. Damaged and bent in various places to taste.
It’s not complete as it needs a couple of bits adding, a Union Jack on the aerial along with a water bottle on the other for the chemical sticks, I have to cast these up now I have some masters to copy ...shh....

1st Royal Anglian Scimitars, overwatch on the Green Zone, Helmand 2007
(Notice the early low ECM suite).

The model is based loosely on images (specifically these couple of shots) of the Queens Dragoon Guards during their deployment.


Painting, 1st coat.
Base coat on, with some highlights, Hannants Xtracrylic British Army Stone, it appears a little satin when it goes on, this fades and matt’s down with weathering and varnish. Still not sure if I like this paint or not, it seems very ‘plastic’; however as I want some uniformity with this project I need to use it until I finish all the vehicles.

Starting to add some pin/localised washes and add some colour where required.
Eagle-eyed folks will spot the change of ECM box from the original box which was too large. This one isn't right either but it will have to do.

Saw a photo somewhere of a Scimitar with a replacement hatch padding, so I've done the same to add some colour. All my models have some colour in them somewhere.....

A little bit of chipping here and there, its more subtle on the model than an enlarged photo.

Completed (ish) just needs a flag and a water bottle on the antenna.

Vikings some point!