Saturday, 9 March 2013

Attack State Red, Another Afghanistan Project - WIMK's

More vehicles from the Attack State Red Afghanistan project...

At the time of 1 Royal Anglians Deployment in 2007 they were still operating a Recce Platoon that consisted of WMIK’s and Scimitars; I decided to represent the WMIK’s from 1 Royal Anglians, the Scimitar that I will post up later is modelled on a different unit from a later deployment as I wanted one with the IED platform and damaged bar armour.

The Royal Anglians WMIK’s were in the process of upgrading/repainting, so some were green, some were Stone coloured. I have gone for the lazy route and painted them all stone coloured as it was quicker than doing a green one at the same time. I have depicted one of the ‘Command’ Landrovers which crop up now and again in photos which did not have any WMIK installed, I have stuck in a couple of radios/laptop in the back to fill it out – it is nowhere near an accurate FFR (Fitted for Radio) Landie!
All the Landrovers are the CSMC/Kingfisher Models kits with some additions. These are actually 'collectors models' rather than 'wargames' models, the they are 1/76 scale also.
I wanted something that I could customise to a certain extent. At the time these were done there were only a couple of alternatives, all of which had solid rear bodies, so no option to outfit the vehicles.
There are no 'in progress' photos again - sorry...however a quick list of what was done to the original kits.

Air filters extended on the sides with the addition of a filter added to the end of the trunking.
Antenna bases from Kingfisher models.
Stowage added, this is a mixture of CSMC/Kingfisher models fuel/water cans, various ammo boxes, various Bergans/tarpaulins from numerous sources.
A rough internal structure was scratched up so the crews could be positioned.
Camouflage netting (Mark 1 version) applied, it looks to solid/dense, Mark II looks better - see the Scimitar build.
The crews are a mix of Britannia and the multipose CSMC/Kingfisher WMIK crews with the odd head swap/conversion.

Photos are not great, hope you get the idea though?


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