Saturday, 9 March 2013

Attack State Red, Another Afghanistan project - Mastiff SPARK

Next up for my Afghan, 1st Royal Anglian project, the Mastiff with the SPARK (Self Protection Adaptive Roller Kit) kit installed. These vehicles are operated by the Royal Corps of Engineers.
Again a Britannia Mastiff with the ‘embellishments’ as previous, only this time with the SPARK –Trying to find images of this kit in use was difficult, of the ones I found or had sent to me, the SPARK kits are not identical on all the Mastiff photos I found....there seems to be a couple of versions being trialled; I even had my son calling around his contacts/pals in the Army (He is REME) trying to source some photos, he told me it’s still a classified bit of kit.

What I have put together is a ‘best guess’ based on a couple of matching SPARK sets on some UK Mastiff’’s not 100% accurate....but it will do until I dig out some more images and do another one.
It’s still a WIP as it’s missing an IR light lens (in the post) and needs the windows toning/dusting down a little.

This is what it’s supposed to be...........(photo on the web, not classified, not difficult to find).

Started building up the frame work – I originally sketched it out on some graph paper for scale and size; there was very little in the way of measurements...........
Started adding odd bits of photoetch from the (s)crap box.

 The wheels are not correct, it’s all I had though, trying to source an alternative for a potential Mark II. The wheels appear to be rubber, some with tread some without depending on the version; I have an image of what I think is the early prototype on trial with what appear to be the old school ‘Weller Steel Wheels’ in place!
An early set up using 5 wheels, I have seen 4/5 & 6 wheel combinations.

‘Blutacked’into place to test for size/fit.

A little more detail added, Mastiff roof requires more remedial work.

Getting close to paint, turret did not sit level in this photo, it does now.
If you look close the wheel sections look a little rough, this was corrected – as one fell of following too much ‘wash’ which I believe softened the adhesive/plastic strip.

Base coats and highlights (which don’t show up in the photos)..
Almost there....

Still needs another lens in this photo, now done.....

Wasn't finished in this shot, just messing around with camera.

Next up.....Pinz Gauer