Saturday, 18 May 2013

Isreali 1948 - 1979 1/300 Micro

I bashed out these a while ago, long before GHQ produced an Israeli half track.
I've made a mistake, can you spot it? It will be corrected as soon as..

Not based on any particular formation, just a great deal of choice!
Models are all based for the Cold War Commander rule set mentioned elsewhere on this site.
Models are all GHQ.

Battle Group HQ
Converted M113 and M3 to command versions.

M51 Command Element

AMX 13 Recce element.

Sh'ot Battalion (must get that fluff off the antenna!)

M51 Battalion

M48 Battalion

Infantry Battalion Command Element

M3 Mortars


Infantry Platoon M3

Anti-Tank M3 with SS11 (Converted)

M3 + DEFA 90mm (Converted)

TCM-20 AA Elements (Converted)


L-33 Artillery

Still some seated figures and crew to add.........aircraft to follow...........
The observant will notice a lack of 1948 stuff.....its coming....:-)