Saturday, 18 May 2013

West German 1/300 Armoured Brigade

As part of my conquest on the 'Lead Pile' these were next on the table.
I started with the 'bits' first as I'm not able to use them without the 'bulk' so it drives the painting on......supposedly!

Based on a West German Armoured Brigade circa 1983, the Brigade comprises of two battalions of Leopard 1, 1 battalion of Marder, 1 composite battalion of two platoons of Leopard 11 and 2 platoons of Marder, these were to be attached during a war footing...and the associated bits that make up the brigade.
I originally wanted to an earlier force with M47's however no one produces a nice model of the Hotchkis 30 carriers they were using during the period, so until they are available these were the earliest I could go with what is available.
I realise the Beobachtungspanzerkanone is circa 1987, however I like them so I'm having one...two!

Models are all based for the Cold War Commander rule set mentioned elsewhere on this site.
Models are all GHQ.

First up....

Brigade HQ Element.

Composite Battalion HQ Element.

Composite Leopard II Battalion (war footing)

Anti-Tank platoon - one off a few! Jaguar + HOT


Luchs Spähpanzer Recce elements.


M113G Mortar Carriers

Gepard AA elements.

Still a few to do..........
Leopard I and Marder to finish.....

....and a couple of MBB 105 and a single Fliegermarine Tornado (on detachment) for the air support.