Monday, 16 September 2013

West German 1/300 MBB 105 PAH 1 Attack Helicopter

A long overdue update, the West Germans are almost complete.
The final Leopard 1 Battalion is having its cam netting applied and all that remains is a Phantom and maybe a transport helicopter of some sort.

Photos of the Leopards possibly in the next 24hrs, domestic management allowing.

So the MBB 105 PAH 1 Attack Helicopters.........GHQ models, very small, they could do with the photoetched skids as per the newer models, as the cast skids are a little bulky.
Took some time to decide on how to do the rotors, there is another thread on a forum if you want before and after photos.

At the minute I've gone for a clear disc as my usual opaque ones hide the model and there is nothing to see, more thought on how to do the discs in the future methinks.

Up against a UK 1 pound coin for scale.

Pre-rotor application (Base not finished)

Testing rotor options

Final rotor choice