Saturday, 5 October 2013

British Infantry Brigade Berlin 1/300 1/285

British Infantry Brigade Berlin 1982-1994

Above Chieftain Mk 10/c

I have a penchant for ‘odd’units/formations with the subjects I like to do, usually meaning lots of scratch building/research/head-scratching and usually extra work in the painting department just to to get a unit on the table!

I’ve always had an interest in the Berlin Brigade since seeing some grainy photos way back in the mid 80’s. The seed was planted; there would be a Berlin Brigade at some point on the table! Now 20mm would be the ideal scale, however nobody in my club was/is interested in 20mm modern at the moment and since I’m enjoying my micro at the moment I thought I would put together a Berlin Brigade force to assist my West Germans and counter my WARPAC stuff. As the Brigade is quite small it will be bulked up with some green/black stuff also.

I started these test pieces some time ago before the West Germans; however I did not finish them off before the West Germans. These are next on the table. This is a test base for the Brigade HQ. The photos are not great, I've borrowed a camera which takes a pretty poor photo considering its cost (mine is in Cuba on a charity bike ride at the moment with the better 1/2!  I will redo these when I have a spare few minutes.


There are numerous colours suggested on the web:

Grey - Humbrol No. 27, 28 or 125 (Too dark), VMC 883 or 152, Tamiya XF55 or XF54
Brown - Humbrol 29, 186 or Gloss 10 + 133 Satin Brown, VMC 921 or 141
White - Humbrol 130/134, VMA 71087/71005, Revel No.69 etc

The official colours are:
White RAL 9010, Blue-Grey RAL 7031, Brown RAL 8025

I've gone for -

A white undercoat (aerosol, flavour of your choice)
Tamiya XF66 Lt Grey which is thinned to a thick wash consistency and applied over the entire model.
Vallejo 001 White
Humbrol 186 Brown
A thinned Mig Dark wash is applied as a 'pin wash', when dry the white blocks are highlighted where required.
Running gear is a very dark grey - black is too dark in this scale.


 FV 432 + PEAK Engineering Turret (I know there were none deployed in the Berlin Brigade, I needed something different fo the BHQ so this was it!)

  FV 432/30 (FV 432 with the Fox turret installed)


Photos to be redone ASAP