Friday, 25 April 2014

Star Wars Stormtroopers 25mm

Something a little different from me ......

I suspect everyone from my generation has a hankering for a Star Wars project of some description? For me it is the storming of the Tantive IV cruiser by the 501stLegion Stormtroopers in the opening scenes of Star Wars or 'A New Hope' depending how you want to look at it!

Tantive IV captured in the tractor beams of Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer Devastator

These are the test paints, bases will probably be changed to a simple clear base so the floor plans can be seen through the a push they could also be used ‘planet-side’.The Stormtroopers have four shades of white, a filter for white, and several shades of grey on them, following the official Star Wars Canon uniform guides. I wanted the ‘classic’ gloss look to the armour and not a matt look, satin didn’t look right on the armour!

Imperial Stormtroopers stationed on the Death Star.

Figures are 25mm from the long since defunct West End Games/Grenadier Models Range, I've been collecting these miniatures for years. I have managed to find the deck plans of the Tantive IV (best guess by folks more knowledgeable than I) so these will be printed out to scale and the fun can commence...once I paint the other 25 or so figures!
Rule set will be the Star wars ammendments to Flying Lead by Ganesh Games which seems to have some positive reviews, looks like Fantasy Flight Games Skirmish rules may get a try out (with some tweaks).


Updates as I get them done.