Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Winter 'Whitewash' attempt 1/300

I've always fancied a 'winter' based force; however I've never actually made an effort to do one!

I thought I would have another go at a 1/300 whitewashed vehicle to see if it was possible to get it to look right. I tried before using a 'hairspray' technique and it looked dreadful - so this was attempt two.

Vehicle was undercoated in Dunklegelb, then successive coats of thinned white paint applied, with heavier coats to the recesses, a thinned Mig Dark wash was applied and then further applications of white to the areas that would not be so worn. I've used three shades of white, Humbrol, VMC (White & Off White) - took a little time!

Its difficult to photograph as the subject is small, and when viewed on a screen is enlarged out of scale, cheers to Dougie for the photos, far better than what I managed!

Base is rubbish, some more thought required.....

Model is a GHQ Tiger 1

Comments please.