Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hungarian Armed Forces blog

I've had an interest in the Hungarian armed forces during WW2 (and beyond) for far too long, as a result I've compiled some information on various subjects that I've stuck up in a separate blog for no other reason than its easier to keep similar stuff together and make it easier to find.

Some of this information has been published approx ten years ago in various magazines in a diluted format, what appears online is current and in full. As new information becomes available I will update accordingly.

I have a great deal of information I would like to get online, this will take time, I'm either painting figures, war gaming, restoring vintage mountain bikes and riding them with the odd broken bone thrown in, or working which tends to get in the way of the good stuff, so updates may be slow.

Eventually there will be in depth stuff on all Hungarian AFVs, their use of German materials, uniforms, aircraft and whatever else takes my fancy....

Later this week some walk around and internal shots of a Hungarian PT 76 will be added.

Here's the link for those interested. Comments appreciated.