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West End Games - Grenadier Models 25mm Star Wars Miniatures


I thought I would post this up as a guide to others who may be interested in these miniatures. I've been building up a collection of these for years for a project that I have always wanted to do; money, lack of floor plans, suitable rules all stood in the way....however (isn't there always a 'however'?) Now all these obstacles seem to be falling by the wayside and the only thing slowing me down now is my painting speed! Floor plans are sorted, rules - there seems to be an abundance now!

There was/is another (incomplete) listing on-line (I can't find the site now, the photos turn up to advertise the miniatures on Thiefbay from time to time), last time I found it it had not been updated for some years and was missing a lot of photographs.

Apologies for the photos, this was a spur of the moment idea while I was sorting out what I had in the way of figures to be painted/butchered/sold/traded etc.

The bulk of the figures in the range were sculpted by Bob Charette and Julie Guthrie. Jonathan Woods sculpted the Imperial Troopers that appeared in Box Set 40313, the Rebel Troopers Box Set 40312 and The Rancor Pit Set 40311, all these figures also found their way into the various blister sets.

Its still fairly easy to pick up these miniatures on the likes of 'Theifbay' and various trading sites, some folks think they are made of solid gold, others go for pennies/cents/euros (delete what is not applicable). Don't pay premium prices if you are looking for figures to game with, they are not that rare that its a one time opportunity to get the figure's), if you are a collector and want 'Mint in Box', then please feel free to spend your money.....

There is a Facebook group 'Star Wars Miniatures Battle Games' for those of you interested in gaming in the star Wars universe.

I'm using these miniatures to game the Fantasy Flight Games 'Imperial Assault' along with a long suffering game I've been working on concerning the 'Storming the Tantive IV' which was the opening scene of 'Star Wars' or 'A New Hope' if you are too young to remember the original release in 1977.
This listing is extracted from the 1996 West End Games Mail order figure list sheet (Which included no mail order address!) for ordering of individual blisters/vehicles which was included as part of the Miniature Vehicles Boxed set.

Many of the Star Wars miniatures were first released in the boxed sets. The numbered superscript indicates which boxed set the figure originated.


40401 Heroes 1
Luke on first Death Star1

40402 Heroes 2
Princess Leia1
Han Solo with Blaster1
Chewbacca with bowcaster1

40403 Stormtroopers 1
Stormrooper with blaster pistol2
Stormtrooper with blaster rifle2
Stormtrooper advancing with blaster pistol2

40404 Stormtroopers 2
Stormtrooper walking with blaster pistol down7
Stormtrooper hip-firing blaster pistol7
Stormtrooper shoulder-firing blaster rifle7

40405 Rebel Troopers 1
Female trooper firing blaster pistol12
Male trooper holding up blaster rifle12
Male trooper holding up blaster pistol12

40406 Rebel Troopers 2
2 x Male trooper running with blaster pistol held up1
Female trooper advancing with blaster held low2

40407 Users of the Force
Obi-Wan Kenobi with Lightsaber up1
Darth Vader with Lightsaber up2
Luke as Jedi with Lightsaber up6

40408 Pilots and Gunners
X-wing pilot running1
TIE Figher pilot with blaster pistol2
Death Star gunner with blaster pistol2

40409 Stormtroopers 3
Stormtrooper on guard with blaster pistol7
Stormtrooper at ready with blaster pistol7
Stormtrooper shoulder-firing blaster pistol7

40410 Heavy Blaster w/Imperial Crew
Heavy blaster on tripod (2 pieces)13
2 x Naval trooper holding firing mechanism13

 40411 Imperial Army Troopers 1
2 x Army trooper advancing and firing blaster pistol13
Army trooper advancing with blaster rifle13

40412 Imperial Naval Troopers
Naval trooper firing blaster pistol two-handed13
2 x Naval trooper advancing and firing blaster pistol2

40413 Rebel Troopers 3
Male trooper standing at the ready1
2 x Male trooper firing blaster pistol two-handed12

40414 Rebel Commandos 1
Male commando firing medium repeat blaster12
Male commando with poncho and upraised blaster pistol12

40415 Imperial Officers
Moff Tarkin2
Death Star Officer pointing2
General Veers in battle armour5

40416 Stormtroopers 4
Stormtrooper firing outstretched blaster pistol7
Stormtrooper walking with blaster pistol up7
Stormtrooper kneeling, firing blaster pistol7

40417 Rebel Commandos 2
Male commando shoulder-firing blaster pistol12
Male commando with poncho, upraised blaster pistol and macrobinoculars12
Female commando firing outstretched blaster pistol12

40418 Imperial Army Troopers 2
Army trooper on guard with blaster pistol13
2 x Army trooper shoulder-firing blaster rifle13

40419 Imperial Naval Troopers 2
Naval Trooper advancing with blaster pistol13
2 x Naval troopers advancing with blaster rifle13

40420 Bounty Hunters 1
Boba Fett3
Shrike (Gand' Findsman)3

40421 Rebel Troopers 4
Female commando running with blaster pistol3
Rebel scout with armour and macrobinoculars3
Leia on Endor6

40422 Bounty Hunters 2
Zardra with force pike3
Bossk (Trandoshan)3

40423 Droids 1
Imperial Droid (R8- from Death Star)2
Power Droid4

40424 Cloud City
Leia on Bespin5
Lando Calrissian drawing blaster pistol5

40425 The Emperor
The Emperor6
Royal Guard with force pike in right hand6
Royal Guard with force pike in left hand6

40426 Bounty Hunters 3
Barada (Klatooinan)3
Boushh (Leia's disguise in Jabba's palace)3
Greedo (Rodian)4

40427 Denizens of Tatooine
Luke on Tatooine4
Tusken Raider with upraised gaffe stick4

40428 Sandtroopers
3 x Sandtroopers (All same pose)4

40429 Aliens of the Galaxy 1
Ithorian (Hammerhead)4
Nein Numb (Sullustan)6
Alien Student of the Force (Revwein)8

40430 Jedi Knights
Female Minor Jedi8
Male Minor Jedi8

40431 Snowtroopers
3 x Snowtrooper (All same pose)5

40432 Hoth Rebels
3 x Hoth Rebel (All same pose)5

40433 Scout Troopers - seem to be quite rare.
3 x Scout Troopers firing blaster pistol (All same pose)6

40434 Rebel Operatives
Old Senatorial8
Female Gambler8

40435 Wookies
Chewbacca with bowcaster1
2 x Wookiee with tunic and blaster rifle8

40436 Mon Calamari
Admiral Ackbar6
2 x Mon Calamari with helmet and blaster pistol8

40437 Heir to the Empire Villains
Grand Admiral Thrawn15
Captain Pellaeon15
Joruus C'baoth15

40438 Ewoks
2 x Wicket with spear5
Ewok with club and headress8

40439 The Noghri
Noghri with stokhli stick15
2 x Noghri with dagger and stokhli stick15

40440 Zero-G
2 x Spacetrooper bodies14
4 x right arms14
4 x left arms14

40441 Skywalkers
Luke on Dagobah with lightsaber down5
Leia on Death Star with blaster4
Darth Vader on Cloud City with Lightsaber down4

40442 Encounter on Hoth
Han in Snowsuit5
Chewbacca with bowcaster1
Probe Droid5

40443 Aliens of the Galaxy 2
Kerru (Gotal)9
Hem Dazon (Arcona)9

40444 Jabba the Hutt

40445 Jabb'a Servants
Bib Fortuna (Twi'lek)10
Oola (Twi'lek dancing girl)10
Rancor Keeper11

40446 Dark Stryder Crew 1

40446 Dark Stryder Crew 2
Lt Ranna Gorjaye15
Lt Darryn Thyte (Cyborg Arm)15
Lt Jessa Dajus15

Source - Google.

40448 Pirates
Lando in Palace armour10
Gluss'sa'Nikto (Pale Nikto)

Note. (Nerd Alert....) There is no 'whiphid' identified on the figure identification insert of Box 40310 Jabba's Palace, SW97 'Ephant Mon' is identified in its place, 'Ephant Mon' was a male 'Chevin', however the model is actually a 'Whiphid' and not a 'Chevin'

40449 Mos Eisley
Kid with blaster rifle8
Labria (Devaronian)9
Garindan (Kubaz)9

40450 Gamorrean Guards
Gamorrean Guard with axe held to side6
2 x Gamorrean Guard with upraised axe10

40451 Mos Eisley Cantina
Figrin Da'n (Bith bandleader) with kloo horn9
Bith musician with stringed instrument9

40452 Dark Stryder Crew 3
Lofryyhn (Wookiee)15
Kl'aal (Defel)15
Loh'khar (Twi'lek)15

Source - Google.

40453 Aliens of the Galaxy 3
Sivrak (Shistavanen Wolfman)9
Kabe (Chadra-Fan)9
Muftak (Talz)9

40454 Imperial Troop Pack

40455 Rebel Commando Troop Pack

40456 Mos Eisley Cantina II


40501 Landspeeder
Lukes landspeeder with stand, hood mounted blaster cannon, 3 x drivers (Luke, Rebel and Imperial Army trooper)15

40502 Imperial Speeder Bikes
2 x Speeder bikes with stands and 2 x Scout trooper riders15

40503 Rebel Speeder Bikes.
2 x Speeder bikes with stands and 2 x Rebel trooper riders15

40504 Storm Skimmer
Storm Skimmer with stand.
2 x blaster cannon
2 x Stormtrooper riders/crew15

40505 AT-PT
AT-PT with base15

 40506 Snowspeeder
Snowspeeder with 2 crew and stand (Available Nov. 1996)15

40507 Bantha with Rider
Tusken Raider with gaffe stick15

40508 Tauntaun


1 -Heroes of the Rebellion
2 - Imperial Forces
3 - Bounty Hunters
4 - A New Hope
5 - The Empire Strikes Back
6 - Return of the Jedi
7 - Stormtroopers
8 - Rebel characters
9 - Mos Eisley Cantina
10 - Jabba's Palace
11 - The Rancor Pit
12 - Rebel Troopers
13 - Imperial Troopers
14 - Zero-G Assault troopers
15 - New figure with no previous release. 

Heroes of the Rebellion 40301

2 - Imperial Forces 40302 (Two different boxes - Font colouring)

3 - Bounty Hunters 40303

4 - A New Hope 40304

5 - The Empire Strikes Back 40305

6 - Return of the Jedi

7 - Stormtroopers 40307

8 - Rebel characters 40308

9 - Mos Eisley Cantina

10 - Jabba's Palace 40310

11 - The Rancor Pit 40311

12 - Rebel Troopers 40312

13 - Imperial Troopers 40313

14 - Zero-G Assault troopers - plain nasty!

As far as I'm aware there were a further two Boxed Sets available, these were the Star Wars Miniatures Battles - Vehicle Starter Set and the Mos Eisley Adventure set.

The Star Wars Miniature Battles Vehicle Starter set contained the Star wars Miniature Battles Companion - a supplement for use with Star Wars Miniature Battles Rules, Vehicle Starter Blister #1 Snow Speeder and Vehicle Starter Blister #2 which contained one of each Rebel and Imperial Speeder Bikes

The Mos Eisley Adventure Set which contained 12 miniatures (depicted by the photos on the front of the box), dice, floor plan to the Cantina and a general layout map of Mos Eisley along with a small paper 'shootout' game based in the hanger using paper cut-out figures.

Figures to identify, left and right.................DarkStryder Crew I suspect?

And that's it..............

And after I pressed save I found this ...ha ha........