Sunday, 16 June 2013

Marinefliegergeschwader 1 Tornado 1/285 scale

A small update for the West Germans, the end is in sight!

Air support in the form of of a Marinefliegergeschwader 1 Tornado - on urgent tasking for the Battle Group.

Model from GHQ, Decals - Balkenkreuz (1/600) from Doms decals, 'Marine' and fin flash a mix of home made and hand paint, Marine/anchor emblem made up from an Argentine anchor from one of the I-94 sets and a white dot from a GW Tau decal sheet.

MBB 105's up next, they are small!


Monday, 10 June 2013

Command elements for my West Germans

Small update for this WIP.
I finished these a week or so ago, unable to photograph before this morning.
The WIP continues....

Marder (Inf) Battalion HQ

1st Leopard 1 Battalion HQ with its liason/recce elements.

2nd Leopard 1 Battalion HQ (hiding in the woods).