Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Hungarian Armed Forces blog

I've had an interest in the Hungarian armed forces during WW2 (and beyond) for far too long, as a result I've compiled some information on various subjects that I've stuck up in a separate blog for no other reason than its easier to keep similar stuff together and make it easier to find.

Some of this information has been published approx ten years ago in various magazines in a diluted format, what appears online is current and in full. As new information becomes available I will update accordingly.

I have a great deal of information I would like to get online, this will take time, I'm either painting figures, war gaming, restoring vintage mountain bikes and riding them with the odd broken bone thrown in, or working which tends to get in the way of the good stuff, so updates may be slow.

Eventually there will be in depth stuff on all Hungarian AFVs, their use of German materials, uniforms, aircraft and whatever else takes my fancy....

Later this week some walk around and internal shots of a Hungarian PT 76 will be added.

Here's the link for those interested. Comments appreciated.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

CR90 Corvette - Tantive IV Deck Plans

A very small (and rushed) update to the long suffering 'Storming of the Tantive IV' Project.

I've eventually managed to have these plans printed out, they are printed onto vinyl and then laminated to ensure some durability.

I found these on the www.colonialchrome.co.uk site specifically here http://www.colonialchrome.co.uk/Ships/Generic/G_CEC_Giant_Corvette.htm
You can view/download the plans in all their glory.

The fella that drew these plans has done a great job, they are scaled to 25mm, however when placing figures with (too large) bases on to the plans they look as if they would be more suited to 15/20mm figures....hey ho....there is nothing else out there that I have found. One option could be to rescale the images slightly larger, however my printer pal said they would probably start to pixelate as they are drawn at 72dpi.

When printed they are over 6' x 3'. (Exact sizes to follow).

The photos are very poor, I was in a rush to leave for work and real life so took some quick phone camera snaps, I will redo these ASAP.

There are six decks in total (Seven if you count the external plan view) some have less deck areas than others for example the pilot deck. The engine room spaces are not drawn with walkways shown, simply an area of machinery space, any easy work around will be to class troops fighting in these areas as in cover, obscured with limited movement etc.

One of the images has a couple of West End Games figures for scale, I now plan to reduce the base sizes I've used and start to switch over to clear acrylic bases or no base at all...hmm

The guys at my club have suggested mounting each deck onto a backboard and layering them 3D with supports between each deck, its do-able however storage might be an issue, food for thought.

Anyway some nasty photos to look at.

This one has a couple of figures for scaling...base way too large!

More later.